Beware of Scammers “Notarios” Ready to Capitalize on Obama’s New Executive Order

Notarios Immigracion

Notarios ImmigracionAfter President Obama made his historic Executive Order, people gained hope. It gave parents of US Citizen Children the right to apply for a work permit and also to avoid deportation if they can prove that they have no criminal record and have been in this country for 5 years or more.

Beware of  “Notarios” Selling Immigration Services

Unfortunately the Executive Order also gave hope to scammers ready to capitalize on the Executive Order. Although notaries or “notarios” have been used over the years to prepare immigration forms, it is important to understand what they are not. Specifically, they are not lawyers. In countries such as Mexico and other Latin American countries, notaries have been known to hold great power, almost that of a lawyer. However, in the United States, notaries or “notarios” do not hold any such power and also cannot break down your case.

There is currently no course of action under the presidents executive order. Beware of anyone selling you services to begin the process.  If you would like to be contacted as soon as a legal process is approved by the government, please contact our firm or join or mailing list in the sidebar. 

By law these people cannot give legal advice and cannot advise you on the course of action that is best given your set of facts and circumstances. They can verify signatures and sometimes provide forms that they fill out at your direction. But again, they cannot give you legal advice and you should be careful to trust one that tries to do just that. Relying on these people for difficult cases have in the past caused deportation and could result in your deportation or deportation of a loved one. When trying to obtain your green card or get your visa approved, or even your naturalization as a US Citizen, it is important to be careful who you trust with your case.

Experienced Immigration Representation

We here at have seen many legal permanent residency, work permit, and other similar cases denied because of a notary or some other scammer who thought they knew the law only to find out that they were not capable of giving such advice. For that reason we ask that you seek the advice of a competent attorney such as those here at so that you can feel safe knowing that all options have been explored and that your applications will be best suited to be approved.

Call us today at 800-554-8778 or email us now to see if you qualify under the new Executive Order.

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