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The Kyoto Protocol, a landmark environmental treaty that was adopted in 1997 at the COP3 in Japan, represents the first time nations agreed to legally mandated, country-specific emissions reduction targets. The protocol, which didnt go into effect until 2005, set binding emissions reduction targets for developed countries only, on the premise that they were responsible […]

Agreement in Arabic, binding and coherence.

An agreement between co-owners of a patent can’t guarantee that everything will always run smoothly, but it does provide a reference point if any disagreements arise, making disputes cheaper and easier to resolve. Ensuring your agreement has considered everything above helps to prevent damaging disputes arising. As cynical as it sounds, anything that can enable […]

Team agreements are required within each sprint ceremony.

Political momentum towards Africa-wide free trade has been intensifying. In March 2018, over 40 countries signed the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement. Once fully implemented, the AfCFTA is expected to cover all 55 African countries, with a combined GDP of about US$2.2 trillion. This SDN takes stock of recent trade developments in Sub-Saharan […]

Prenuptial agreements are now routinely upheld by courts.

Another provision that is often included in NDAs or confidentiality provisions is the requirement for the firm to indemnify the client for any expenses should the firm breach its obligations in the NDA or confidentiality provisions. Any requirement to indemnify the client should always be reviewed carefully. (See “Professional Liability Spotlight: Deflecting Clients’ Defense and […]