Child Status Protection Act

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The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) was passed by the federal government in August 2002, enabling many immigrants to maintain their child status during their visa application process. The intention of this act was to keep immigrant families intact during the long waiting periods for family-based and employment-based visa and certain humanitarian programs such as refugees, those seeking asylum and those applying for VAWA green card.

At Legalize Me, our immigration attorneys have the experience and knowledge to successfully apply for a green card for our clients and their entire family. If you or your child will turn 21 prior to the completion and approval of your green card application, we are here to help.

The CSPA Benefits

Prior to the enactment of the CSPA in 2002, immigrant children who turned 21 years old before their permanent residency application process was completed automatically “aged out.” In other words, as soon as they turned 21 years old, they were unable to come the U.S. with their family and obtain permanent residency status.

However, with the passing of the CSPA, it allowed visa or green card applications made on behalf of minor individuals less than 21 years of age to effectively “lock” their age at the time of the filing of the application. This means that immigrant children, who lost their minor status due to the administrative delays of the U.S. immigration processing, will be able to obtain permanent residency with their family members even after turning 21.

The Attorneys at Legalize Me Can Meet Your Needs

Immigration is a complex and highly specialized legal field, especially when it comes to interpreting eligibility under the CSPA. In order to make sure you or your child qualifies for the “age lock” protection under CSPA, you must meet certain priority dates, approval dates, and carefully examine the Visa Bulletin.

At Legalize Me, our experienced and knowledgeable Child Status Protection Act attorneys will carefully evaluate your case to determine your eligibility under the act. When you hire one of our attorneys, you can be confident that we will be aggressive in ensuring that you and your family members enjoy the benefits and protection of the CSPA.

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