Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA)

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)

Helping Young Immigrants Avoid Deportation

For children who were illegally brought into the United States at a young age, this country may be the only home they know. Deportation can be a devastating experience for these young children. Although the U.S. government has enacted strict immigration laws, the focus is on deporting individuals who pose a threat and risk to our society, not removing productive individuals and forcing them to go back to a country they do not remember and where they do not even speak the language.

In order to use its resources wisely and delay deportation until the individual obtains permission to work in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The U.S. government views childhood arrivals as a low priority case and this deferred action is the only option these young individuals have in possibly avoiding deportation.

If you or a loved one was illegally brought into this country at a young age and are now facing the risk of deportation, you should contact Legalize Me as you may be eligible for deferred action of your deportation under the DACA program.

Eligibility Under DACA

If you were illegally brought into the United States at as child, you may be eligible for deferred action if you satisfy the following requirements:

    • You entered into the country prior to the age of 16.
    • You have been continuously living in the country since June 15, 2007.
    • You were younger than 31 years old as of June 15, 2012.
    • You illegally entered the country prior to June 15, 2012 or your immigration status was expired as of this date.
    • You do not have a felony conviction, significant misdemeanor or three or more misdemeanors.
    • You do not pose a threat or a major risk to public safety.
    • You can pass a background check without any problems.
    • You meet at least one of the following education-related requirements:
      • You are currently enrolled in school
      • You have received a high school diploma
      • You have a GED certification
      • You received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Coast Guard or U.S. Armed Forces

Although these may seem simple, for some individuals it may be difficult to prove some of the requirements. At Legalize Me, our experienced attorneys can help you get the deferred action you need to stay in the country while you work on your legal residency status.

Benefits of DACA

If you are eligible under the DACA program and are granted deferred action by the U.S. Citizenship of Immigration Service (USCIS), your removal proceedings will be delayed by two years. You will be granted a legal status for your period of stay. This means that you will be considered legally present in the country by the U.S. government and will not be subject to deportation.

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