President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

Today, November 20, 2014 marks an important day in the search for immigration reform. President Obama issued an executive order today whereby certain persons will be eligible to remain in the country without fear of deportation. Certain conditions must be met by the applicant including the following:

1. The applicant must have a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident child
2. No criminal record
3. Must be able to show proof of continuous residence within the United States within the last five years (since January 1, 2010)

These applicants will be able to finally come out of the shadows and not be in constant fear of being deported. Although President Obama could have gone further in issuing a more inclusive executive order, this is a start. And until congress can act and pass significant reform, President Obama did what he could to protect the families already living in this country.

We at encourage you to gather your paperwork for when applications can be submitted. Be prepared and be one of the first to get approved. Certain items must be gathered including proof of continuous residence within the US in the last five years (since January 1, 2010). Those could include bank records, copies of filed tax returns, payment of gas and electricity, school records, etc. Additionally, gather birth certificates of the US citizen children and your own birth certificates.

Contacts us today so that we can help you get organized. The attorneys and staff at have many years of experience in immigration law and will be happy to guide you through this process once the documents can be filed.

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