President Obama’s Expected Executive Action on Immigration

Again, we see a flurry of news about possible changes in immigration policy. President Obama has prepared new executive measures that could potentially allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation. The ramifications of the executive action on immigration are potentially enormous and life changing.

The Details of the Executive Action US-flag-Passport_0

The president has not unveiled the details of his plan and, like past changes, we don’t know what the new policy will look like ahead of time. However, we have been informed of some of the drastic changes this policy may have to offer, including:

  • Creating exemptions to deportation for certain target populations, such as immigrant parents of U.S. Citizens, DREAMers, and parents of DACA recipients.
  • Elimination of the 10-year ban for immigrants without status, who could otherwise be sponsored for residency by citizen parents, children, and spouses.
  • Systematic changes to the deportation system.

Overall, President Obama’s executive action on immigration could provide temporary relief for law-abiding undocumented immigrants, totaling a population of more 5 million.

The Effect of the President’s Actions on Politics

What propelled the president towards taking such drastic actions on his own is Congress’s failure to pass a broader immigration overhaul. Regardless of the reason why the president has embraced this program, some democrats argue that it may have a negative backlash for democrats running for reelection, especially in traditionally conservative states. However, the supporters of this executive action argue that the president has little to lose in passing this broad legalization program. In fact, it could become a signature achievement in a second term defined by legislative gridlock on Capitol Hill.

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