The President Orders Review of U.S. Deportation Practices

President Obama recently announced a review of current deportation practices that potentially affects tens of thousands of immigrant families. This announcement came while Obama was meeting with Latino lawmakers who are seeking ways to resuscitate an immigration overhaul.

The Details of the President’s Order

Obama’s order requests Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to do an inventory of the Department’s current practices to determine how it can enforce deportation in a more humane manner that remains within the confines of the law.

Although the president has taken such measures to make deportation more humane, it still remains unclear what specific steps the government could take to make deportation more humane.

The Need for New Laws

Despite Obama’s orders, one fact remains clear: without new laws it is unclear what the president can do on his own. Even though immigration advocates have been ramping up pressure on Obama to halt all deportation, Obama has insisted that he cannot take such measures by himself. This is especially true when prospects for an immigration overhaul in Congress are appearing ever dimmer.

Nevertheless, the president has made it clear that he still intends to pressure Republicans to pass an immigration overhaul. To this end, Obama is planning to meet with organizations working to pass bipartisan immigration legislation.

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