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Removal of Conditions On a 2-Year Green Card

One way for an individual to obtain permanent residency in the United States is through marriage. However, if you choose this option and you have been married for less than two years, the green card issued is a conditional card. This is similar to a probationary period during which you and your spouse build a record of your marriage. At the end of the 2 years, you will need to jointly file an application to remove the condition by sending proof of your good faith marriage.

In order to make sure that you properly remove the conditions on your green card and avoid any further issues with your residency status, you should contact Legalize Me to hire an experienced immigration attorney to help you file the necessary documents.

Steps for Removing Conditions On a 2-Year Green Card

In order to keep your green card status and remain a permanent resident in the United States at the end of your 2-year probationary period, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must jointly file Form I-751 with your spouse to petition to remove the conditions.
  • You must provide sufficient evidence of your good faith marriage.
  • You must file your petition within 90 days prior to the expiration date on the card.

Below are some examples of the types of evidence you may provide as part of your I-751 form for the removal of the conditions on your green card:

  • A lease or mortgage evidencing joint occupancy or ownership of your place of residence.
  • Any of the following financial records demonstrating joint ownership of assets and/or liabilities:
    • Joint checking and savings account
    • Joint state or federal tax returns
    • Utility in both of your names
    • Any financial loans or obligations you may have in you both of your names
    • Joint insurance policies naming either of you as the other’s beneficiary
  • More than 20 photographs of a major vacation, at a wedding, with friends, etc.
  • A copy of you and your spouse’s children, if any.
  • Any other proof that you may consider relevant in proving that your marriage was entered in “good faith”

At Legalize Me, our attorneys will assist you in determining what the best form of evidence to establish a good faith marriage in order to successfully remove the conditions from your green card.

What Happens After Filing for Removal of Conditions

Once you and your spouse have jointly filed for removal of conditions on your green card, it will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks for the Immigration Services to send you a receipt notice. If you filed the petition within the 90-day time frame, the receipt mail that you will receive will be the extension to your green card for one additional year.

Approximately 1 to 4 weeks after this extension, you will receive a notice for a biometrics appointment, requesting you to have your digital fingerprint, picture and signature taken at local federal facility.

You will generally receive an approval notice and a 10-year green card in the mail within one year. Although there are no conditions attached to this green card, you will still need to renew it every 10 years. If you fail to receive an approval notice within the one-year time frame, you or your attorney should make an infopass appointment with your local Immigration Service office to request an extension.

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