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How to Renew a Green Card

Once you have obtained permanent residency status in the United States, you will not in danger of deportation. However, you will be required to renew your green card every ten years, unless you were issued a card between 1979 and 1988. Green cards issued between these years do not have an expiration date.

If your green card is set to expire within the next six months, you should contact Legalize Me to start the renewal process. By hiring an experienced green card renewal attorney you can be confident that you will successfully get your card renewed and avoid any future problems with your residency status.

The Steps in Renewing a Green Card

You can start your green card renewal process by either filing Form I-90 online, by mail, or in person by taking it to a local USCIS office. It will generally take three to six months for the renewal to be processed and for you to receive your new green card.

If you choose to submit your renewal application in person, you should also bring an additional photo so a stamped Form I-94 stating your proof of status can be issued to you. All required filing fees must be paid by personal check only, as no major credits are accepted at the USCIS offices.

If you choose to file your renewal online, you will need to go to the USCIS website and log into the e-Filing system. You will need to create a username and password, if you don’t already have one. Next, you need to select Form I-90 and complete the required information. You will need to pay all the necessary filing fees online using a valid credit card or submitting your bank account information.

Denied Renewal Applications

If your application for renewal is denied, you will not be able to appeal the negative decision. However, you may file a motion to reconsider the negative decision. Your motion must include new facts proving that your denial was based on incorrect evidence.

At Legalize Me, we realize how frustrating it is to have your renewal application denied. We will conduct a detailed investigation as to the reason for your denial and make sure we provide all of the necessary information in order to have the denial reversed.

Consequences of Failing to Renew a Green Card

If you failed to renew your green card prior to its expiration date, you will not lose your permanent resident status immediately. You may still be eligible to renew your card online, however it is imperative that you do so as soon as possible.

Failing to renew your green card could result in certain difficulties, especially with obtaining employment or re-entrance the U.S. if you have traveled abroad. Our attorneys suggest that if you are planning to leave the country, make sure you have renewed your green card prior to your travel and take any temporary documentation with you to make re-entering less difficult.

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