The Most Common Obstacles In the Path to Citizenship

Obtaining United States citizenship is becoming more and more complicated. During the golden age of immigration to the U.S., obtaining citizenship rights was as easy as completing a physical examination and submitting a simple form. However, those golden days are over. What we are left with is a more difficult path to citizenship filled with many obstacles.

Although the journey has become more difficult, it is not an impossible one. If you want to obtain citizenship without unnecessary delays and by avoiding major obstacles, you should consult with an experienced citizenship immigration lawyer at Legalize Me for assistance and guidance.

3 Common Obstacles

Three most common obstacles that you may face when applying for U.S. citizenship include:

– Time – Obviously, the most important thing you need to do to avoid any delays in obtaining citizenship is to make sure you file all the right forms and comply with all the U.S. immigration requirements. However, it is also important to note that even when you do everything right, the path to citizenship is a lengthy process that may take as long as five years.

– Spousal Problems – If you are planning to apply for citizenship through marriage, you may think that you are automatically guaranteed citizenship. However, problems may arise in proving that you entered into a bona fide or good faith marriage. Some applicants may even feel their privacy is invaded, as they may need to provide intimate details of their marriage as evidence.

– Children – Having minor children may also present a potential obstacle in your path to citizenship, as their presence may complicate the process.

Although overcoming these obstacles is not an easy task, our citizenship immigration attorneys have the knowledge and experience to successfully assist you in obtaining the citizenship status you seek.

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